Vertical video

The Rise of Vertical Video

While vertical video has long been easy to record — in the age of the handheld camcorder, you could always just hold the camera sideways (although you’d still need to reorient the final recording in post-production) — the format only began to take off as smartphones began adding video capabilities.

Vertical Video: A rethink on shooting in portrait

Published on Thursday, 5th January 2017Since the advent of the camera phone, portrait video has been an unforgivable bugbear for almost every video maker and viewer. Even now,for many the term ‘Vertical Video’ still evokes memories of grainy mobile phone footage and nightmarish attempts of stretching to fit frames. The format was so widely disliked that it even gave rise to parodyPSAs advising the public against using portrait, an attempt to stem the endless tide of ‘black-barred’ amateur video.

verticaal is het nieuwe horizontaal

Vertical video is taking over! De opkomst van mobile apps zoals Snapchat zorgt voor stijgende populariteit van verticale video’s op mobile devices. Weg met die zwarte balken, we willen een fullscreen mobile video ervaring!

New Vertical Video Ads Available Across Vibrant Media’s Global Markets

The original native advertising company, Vibrant Media, continues to compete with the world’s specialist video ad networks on viewability, scale, targeting and budget bases, with its new Vibrant Vertical video ad format.

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Your Vertical Video Syndrome Antidote

Vertical video: Despised by cinematographers. Proclaimed the mark of an amateur.