Vitro espresso duo

Coffetek Vitro Espresso Duo

Coffetek Vitro Espresso Duo

Combining stunning design and proven robust technology, the Vitro range from Coffetek is at the cutting edge of hot drink dispense systems.

Azkoyen Vitales Bean to Cup Machines:

Following the standards set by the most renowned espresso connoisseurs, Vitale can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding palates with outstanding consistency and quality. With Vitale you will enjoy a perfect balance of body, cream, aroma and flavour each time you savour your coffee. Up to product selections.

NESCAFÉ Alegria Bulk Brew Unit

The NESCAFÉ Alegria Bulk Brew Commercial coffee machine is a rugge stainless steel, fully automatic soluble ingredient system, producing fresh coffee and hot water for hotels, restaurants and conference centres.

Espresso Machines for Beginners

Considering an espresso machine for your home or office? Learn about the different machine types and which will best fit your needs and skill-level. Marc from

Vitro XEspresso Duo Coffee Machine

The Vitro XEspresso Duo machine brings you an authentic espresso coffee, with the added extra of freshly brewed loose leaf tea based drinks, all in the comfort of your very own office. The sleek and modern design has been developed to make it super easy to use and enhances the overall customer experience.