What is a dutch oven

Stainless Steel Upright Asparagus Steamer Kettle L

Perfectly cooked asparagus with no soggy tips. Also good for corn on the cob. Retains delicate flavour. With vented glass lid and steamer rack

Dutch Ovens Braisers

Whether you’re looking to braise a delicious meat or slow-cook a stew, dutch ovens braisers are exceptional for heat retention and allowing your meats to become extremely tender. Our cookware collection of dutch ovens braisers come in several sizes to cater to different kinds of meals or serving sizes.Experience why dutch ovens braisers are the ideal cookwares for slow cooking.

16. Cook with the lid only as a griddle.

The lid can be used as a griddle if it is turned upside-down and placed on a heat source. The advantage of this technique is that the lid is slightly bowl-shape so even if it is not perfectly level, whatever you are cooking (pancakes anyone?) tends to stay in the griddle instead of spilling out.

Micro Fire near Stagecoach, Lyons Fire in Pine Nuts explodes overnight

News – Wednesday, August 2 20- 9:55amUPDATE 9:55AThe Lyons Fire burning in the Pine Nut Mountains northeast of Sunrise Pass in Douglas County has grown to 1acres, according to Sierra Front.