What’s cheaper to run gas or electric cooker

What is a kWh, What is a TWh?

First What is a Watt?

A Watt (W) is joule per second (j/s), it is a unit of power and a joule is a unit of energy, so if you have a 1W device running for hour, then it consumes Wh of energy .Read More

A short history of gas versus electricity

Both gas and electricity have long competed for people’s attention. Gas has been about since the¬†eighteenth century (used for street lights back then),¬†while electricity came onto the scene in the nineteenth century.

Pros of Electric Stoves

Most electric stoves sold today have a sleek, glass cooktop which enhances the style of the stove itself. This glass top is easy to wipe clean of most spills; no need to remove a burner ring or wipe up a hardened spill from on top of a gas nozzle.

Fryers: gas or electricity?

This is due to the relative cost of gas and electricity in the UK at this time. But of course choices are rarely that easy to make and a range of other factors is likely to come into play.

Electric Stove vs. Gas Stove

Gas stoves are usually more expensive to buy but cheaper during use compared with electric stoves. Not only are gas stoves more energy efficient but gas is also usually cheaper than electricity, which in operational cost savings.