What temperature should a medication fridge be

Refrigerated medicinal products: what pharmacists need to know

This article draws on some of the findings from inspections performed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s good distribution practice (GDP) inspectorate and focuses on the many issues relating to the storage and distribution of medicinal products that need to be maintained between and 8C.

What To Know When Choosing a Medical Refrigerator

When it comes to refrigeration, every facility has its own unique storage needs. Research laboratories may need to hold critical biological samples at a steady temperature or risk compromising a timely study, while some medical clinics may just need to keep ice packs on hand for patients with muscle pain.

Appendix C: Urgent Vaccine Storage and Handling Protocols Checklist

The following is a sample checklist of the items that may be included in the urgent vaccine storage and handling protocols. The protocols should be available in an accessible area near the vaccine storage unit.

Medicine fridge for home use

Proper medical refrigerators for home use are not available as of yet. Medicine refrigerators are at the moment being used to store temperature-sensitive for professional use in laboratories, clinics, pharmacies etc. at a large scale. There are smaller versions for sure like the Dometic miniCool, Kirsch Med-1or Liebherr MEB-140-0. However, their internal volumes range between and 1liters. For private users this is simply too big and with up to EUR too expensive to purchase.

Especially when the patient is undergoing only a temporary treatment with temperature-sensitive medication.

Look after medications in heatwave, UC pharmacy lecturer warns

January 2014: Australians are being warned their health could be at risk if they don’t store their medication carefully as they swelter through the heatwave.