Wine key

Rabbit Style Wine Openers

At Wine Turtle we prefer rabbit style wine openers. With their sturdy design, beautiful presentation, and ease of use, they are the easiest wine openers to use. Yes, even easier than electric openers (we’ll get to that later).

Best Pocket Corkscrews

The quintessential wine opener, these double-hinged corkscrews fold up and fit comfortably in a pocket. As suggested by the name, this style is frequently used by waitstaff doing bottle service at restaurants thanks to their uncomplicate reliable performance. While the fancier ones provide virtually effortless operation, these tried-and-true openers always manage to appear in kitchens everywhere as the backup option.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wine Opener

Now that it’s clear that finding the best wine opener for you will be a bit more complicated than you may have originally expecte here are a few of the main considerations you should have in mind during your search.

One of the most critical tools in any loyal imbiber’s bar is a corkscrew.

But, not all corkscrews are created equal; some are small and compact, some open bottles easily, and some are conversation starters. A good corkscrew should not only help you open a bottle of wine as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also should add a touch of style to your bar or wine cellar. Herewith, our favorite corkscrews for style, efficiency, and even a few laughs.

Wine and Beer Bottle Openers

From barman’s bar blades to professional bottle openers and classic winged corkscrews, there’s a wide range of ways to open a bottle of beer or wine. Whilst many pubs and clubs favour a wall-mounted bottle opener, it’s still convenient for many professionals to carry their bottle opener with them.