Wireless coffee machine

Why smart coffee makers are a dumb but beautiful dream

The world has yet to see a practical, Web-connected coffee maker that also brews fantastic joe because building one in reality remains elusive.

coffeePlaylist: Collect and remotely transfer multiple beverage wishes via app.

Surprise and spoil your guests. With the Home Connect App, you can easily take multiple orders of different coffee variations and remotely transfer the playlist to your appliance. The coffee centre then prepares the coffee specialities from the playlist, one after another.

Being a perfect host has never been this easy.

 Coffee Fest : Portlan USA

After so long, we were finally ready to bring the Auroma One to the world.Her first debut was at Coffee fest in one of the coffee capitals, Portland. There, we made meaningful connections with Roasters and many coffee enthusiasts. So much love in the coffee community.

Smart App-Enabled Coffee Machines

0by Ciin Cool Finds · Home Automation · Lists Dec There are plenty of fancy coffeemakers on the market. We are going to see more app-enabled coffee machines in the future. Here are coffee machines that allow you to control them from your smartphone:

Smarter announces WiFi coffee machine, upgrade to iKettle

British company Smarter, which specialises in developing products for connected living, has announced the Smarter Coffee Machine as well as an upgrade to its Smart Kettle, iKettle . Both products will be available via retailer Firebox in October.