Wood burning cook stove

Heartland Wood Cookstoves

Heartland’s sturdy cast iron wood cookstoves have been cooking meals, heating homes and warming water for almost a century. Yet today’s models offer the same dependability, comfort and tremendous versatility—with modern developments to make your life far easier than your ancestor’s.

What Goes Aroun Comes Around: Wood-Burning Cook Stoves Enjoy Resurgence

Wood-burning cook stove collecting is heating up. Rural kitchen classics such as the Majestic cook stove and Monarch cook stove are popular once again.

Brand new cast iron stove wood burner. Clean burn (DEFRA) approved! High quality!

Leeds, West Yorkshire High quality cast iron stove/woodburner 5kw This stove is brand new and unused and is superb, it is cleanburn so can be used in smoke controlled zones and is defra approved. Bought for £60 but never got it installed. So grab a high quality barga

Pioneer Maid Wood Burning Cookstove

The Pioneer Maid offers a degree of control undreamed of by grandmother. A simple twist of the twin air intake and the fire leaps to life. A twist in the reverse direction and it is almost instantly dampered down.

Parts of the Wood Burning Cook Stove

Cook stoves came in many different shapes, sizes and varieties.Some were simply wood stoves with a flat top designed for cooking.Others had many features including a warming oven.